Great World- Tapasyarat-Binod-Divine Communication to All Lokas ((World)all the Kings ) Over & above;Under Earth/Ground(World).


This first ever historic conference has been organized to communicate to All the Lokas(World) and their kings for peace and prosperity.

All the media has become historic to share the divine responsibility of communication to All the Lokas(World) unfearful of their might as the might of Almighty Divine forces is Supreme.

If the rulers of the world and earth shall not improve than the divine forces shall take control of the world and earth to save its creations.

A historic unparallel Divine Yagya is being organized to attain peace and prosperity at all levels.

The invitation for the same has been sent to all the powers, countries, the UNO, European Union etc and its members both collectively and individually including Taiwan, Kosovo and Switzerland.

If the efforts are successful than there shall be everlasting peace on earth.

The organizing day shall be the first day of Lord Brahma where there shall be no war on earth and whole world(universe).

All the wars shall stop on the day of organizing of the Divine Yagya.

The yagya shall be organized when 22 nations shall subscribe to it.

However the resolution shall be adopted on Akshay Tritya by Great World.

This press conference is also dedicated to the Lord Shiva(Triloki Nath), Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Great King Bali who is the king of underworld(under earth) known for its greatness and to the nobleness of All Lokas(World).

This press conference appeals all the Kings of world to achieve peace and prosperity at all levels and register themselves for the Divine Yagya.

All the letters of alphabets ( such as A, B, C, D, E etc) of all the languages  and their powers are requested to work for universal peace.

This Yagya and the conference is being organized at the behest and inspiration of Almighty Divinity.

Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi.

Great World (Mahan Vishwa).

Ps-The conference is also available for viewing on youtube at


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