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Availability of Forgive Letter for all the Nations & their Rulers. Year 2013 Samvat 2070. Press Release English.

अप्रैल 12, 2013

Press Release. 11-04-2013.


Tapobhoomi(Sacred Land) Great World.

In accordance with the wish of the Almighty Divinity, the forgiveness letter for all the rulers is available at Tapobhoomi which shall be given to all the nations ceremonially.

Those nations who want to receive it, are requested to contact the undersigned.

The detailed program shall be announced at an appropriate time appropriately.

The Successful Forgive & Forget Year Declaration-2013/ Samvat 2070 is available for viewing at Internet at the following places.



Tapasyarat Binod Kumar Joshi.

Great World (Mahan Vishwa).